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As Full Focus partnered with us at Abracadabra Agency, we gave them a branding experience that went beyond the ordinary. We introduced a holistic approach that merged psychology with brand strategy, recognizing the importance of understanding not just the business but also the individuals behind it.

Deep Dive Talking Sessions: Our journey with Full Focus Leadership Coaching began with in-depth conversations. These sessions resembled discussions with a psychologist, delving into their past, exploring future visions, and unearthing the essence of their company. These insights provided a foundation for our strategy, revealing personal motivations and values within the leadership team.

Integration of Insights: The information gathered became the cornerstone of our strategy. We understood that their identity and visual plan should reflect not only business goals but also the aspirations and values of the leadership. This integration of personal insights aimed to create a brand that resonated authentically with both the team and their clients.


Brand Identity and Logo Design:

Our logo design for Full Focus is a testament to their unique approach. It features a capital 'F' that appears to be in motion, as if caught in a moment of transition. This intentional blur effect serves as a powerful metaphor. By blurring the brand mark, we send a compelling message: in order to gain clarity and focus in life, sometimes you must momentarily blur your vision of the past and future. This visual metaphor aligns perfectly with Full Focus Leadership Coaching's philosophy of helping individuals and businesses un-focus from the distractions of the past and future to concentrate on the present.

The design encourages viewers to pause, reflect, and find clarity in the midst of life's constant motion. It's a visual reminder that sometimes, to gain full focus, we need to embrace moments of uncertainty and change. The color palette, chosen with care, further reinforces these ideas, creating a cohesive and meaningful brand identity.

This unique logo design serves as a conversation starter and a symbol of Full Focus Leadership Coaching's commitment to helping clients find their path to clarity and success.

Website Development:

The website we developed provided an online platform where visitors could access valuable information, take assessment tests, and delve deeper into the philosophy of Full Focus Leadership Coaching and its founder. It served as a gateway to discover more about their unique approach to personal and professional development.

For Full Focus Leadership Coaching, we embarked on a journey of website development that departed from conventional platforms like WordPress and other out-of-the-box solutions. Our goal was to create a digital presence that mirrored their unique coaching philosophy and stood out in the digital landscape.

A Fresh Approach: We embraced a cutting-edge platform that offered more freedom and flexibility in design and functionality. This choice allowed us to step away from the constraints of pre-designed templates and explore a more diverse and innovative way of building websites.

Tailored to Their Vision: The platform we selected enabled us to build a website tailored precisely to Full Focus Leadership Coaching's vision. Every aspect of the site, from layout to interactive elements, was designed to reflect their brand identity and the personal touch they bring to coaching.

Freedom in Design: With this new approach, we had the freedom to create unique and engaging user experiences. We could experiment with unconventional layouts, incorporate multimedia elements, and design a website that truly resonated with their target audience.

Mobile Responsiveness: Recognizing the importance of mobile accessibility, the website was developed with responsive design principles. Whether accessed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the website provided a consistent and engaging experience.