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Project deliverables:
3D design, 3D renderings, Logo Design, Interior Design, Marketing Materials, Creatvie Consulting.

We where trusted with the complete creative oversight for this project and where given, a creative carte-blanche. The development of the 3D images was an amazing journey as well, seen there was nothing yet. So the whole project came to live when all the first renderings where done. We would like the thank Jeroen Prins for his amazing lighting skills.

Klein Vondelpark is located in the green heart of Amsterdam, the Vondelpark. This rare piece of real estate was the home for many students for many decades. Now it will be transformed into amazing apartments.

And not just beautiful, but also self sustaining with green roofs, real flow primary heating and re-using the salvaged materials from the rebuild.

We where asked to create the branding for this project which includes a coffee table book (still in production), interior design, 3d development, short inspirational movie and the website.
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