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Metrik Studios approached us with a vision deeply rooted in design and creativity. Their mission was clear: to showcase their unique furniture designs in a way that resonated with their audience. We took up the challenge with enthusiasm, knowing that it would require a harmonious blend of design, technology, and marketing.

Our partnership with Metrik Studios exemplified the power of design, technology, and creativity coming together. By crafting a visually compelling logo, harnessing CGI for 3D marketing images, and developing an immersive website, we helped Metrik Studios transform their vision into a digital reality. The result was a dynamic online presence that not only showcased their furniture designs but also positioned them as innovators in their industry.

Logo Design:

The foundation of any brand identity lies in its logo. For Metrik Studios, we crafted a logo that not only represented their brand but also echoed the aesthetics of their table designs. The logo's square look was a deliberate nod to the sleek and modern design language that defines their furniture pieces.

The genesis of our logo design drew direct inspiration from the signature table, Twelve, renowned for its clean lines and distinctive geometry. The logo echoes the angular precision found in Twelve's design, featuring a composition characterized by sharp, 45-degree and 90-degree angles.

Website Development:

A visually striking website was essential for Metrik Studios to showcase their portfolio. We ensured that the website not only reflected their design philosophy but also provided a seamless and user-friendly interface for visitors.

In our mission to craft a visually striking website for Metrik Studios, we sought to immerse visitors in the world of their signature tables. The website showcases the tables in full effect, with an innovative feature that allows users to explore every detail.

We designed a dynamic image that spans the entire length of the table, from top to bottom. This immersive image allows seamless scrolling, enabling viewers to witness the table's elegance and the smart beam technology in action.

Our website development process was driven by the ambition to offer an immersive online experience. We were committed to ensuring that the website not only reflected Metrik Studios' design philosophy but also provided a seamless and user-friendly interface for visitors. This approach allowed us to create a digital space where the beauty of their tables and the innovation of the smart beam could be fully appreciated.