Le Macarones

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Services Provided:
Logo design, Packageing, ID development.

In collaboration with a talented macarons chef, we embarked on a delightful journey to create a brand that captures the essence of pure indulgence. Introducing "Nom Nom" — a name inspired by the playful munching sounds reminiscent of the iconic Cookie Monster. It also evokes the joy and enthusiasm of savoring these exquisite treats.
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In an effort to embrace sustainability, the packaging for Nom Nom Macarons is designed with a commitment to the environment. Bright, cheerful colors adorn eco-friendly materials, steering clear of plastics. This not only reflects the freshness within but also our dedication to responsible packaging.
Every macaron from Nom Nom is a labor of love, handmade to perfection. The use of natural ingredients and the chef's personal touch ensure a delightful culinary experience, one that is both gourmet and homely.
Our pièce de résistance is the logo — a meticulously crafted, stylized macaron playfully bearing a bite mark, a whimsical nod to indulgence. This delightful icon, with a mischievous bite out of it, perfectly underlines the "Nom Nom" experience. The playful typography and vibrant colors complete the visual feast, setting the stage for the scrumptious delights that await.